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HERCULES Topwater Pencil Fishing Lure with Rotating Tail

  • SIZE - Small: 11cm/13g(4.33"/0.46oz) | Medium: 11cm/17g(4.33"/0.60oz) | Large: 14cm/36g(5.51"/1.27oz)
  • *PACK - Random 5 colors or note the color you want.*
  • 3D EYES - The HERCULES Topwater Pencil Fishing Lure has realistic 3D eyes that add a lifelike appearance, making it more enticing to predatory fish by mimicking the look of real baitfish.
  • VERTICAL STRIPE LASER PAINTING - Featuring advanced vertical stripe laser painting, this lure exhibits a reflective and vibrant finish that attracts fish from a distance by simulating the scales of a baitfish.
  • 360° ROTATING TAIL - A 360° rotating tail creates dynamic movements and splashing sounds on the water surface, effectively grabbing the attention of nearby fish and triggering aggressive strikes.
  • COPPER PROTECTION - The rotating tail is protected by a copper sheet inside, and high-speed rotation will not damage the tail. It can be used many times.
  • HIGH-CARBON TREBLE HOOKS - Outfitted with high-carbon treble hooks, the HERCULES lure ensures superior strength and sharpness, providing secure hooksets and reducing the chances of fish escape during a fight.
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