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HERCULES Crankbait Shallow Crank Lure Fishing Lures
Material: ABS plasticHook: #6 treble hooksSize: 6cm/14.5g(2.36"/0.51oz) for each one, 4.67oz for one boxPack: Box of 5 colors Diving depth -  1~2 meters(3.28ft-6.56ft). The distinctive twitch hook and bright action underwater make it an attractive crankbait for big fish.Steel balls...
$20.99 $16.99
HERCULES SABIKI Lures Bait Feathers Rig Pollack Cod Freshwater Saltwater Fishing Hooks
Brand: HERCULES Type: Rig Fishing Hook Size: #1/0 Suitable: Saltwater Freshwater MAYBE USED TO CATCH: Short Mackerel, Herring, Smelt, Spanish Mackerel, Caballitos, Flathead Mullet, Sardines, Anchovies, and other baitfish. SABIKI is a Japanese word for a fishing method in which a...
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HERCULES Shallow Deep Diving Swimbait Minnow Fishing Lures(pack of 10)
Pack: 10 pcsWeight: 10g/pcsLength: 11cmDiving depth: 2.5-4 meters (8.2ft-13.12ft) 3D realistic-looking eyes with a vivid pattern, realistic fishing lures with life-like swimming action, and high-pitch and vivid wobbling action to attract fish which can be used in both saltwater and...
$19.19 $14.99
HERCULES 5Pcs/Box Mini Crankbaits Set Fishing Lures Hard Baits Swimbaits Boat Ocean Topwater Lures for Trout Bass Perch Fishing Lures - CC28-5P
Material: ABS plasticHook: #12Length: 2.8cmWeight: 1.7g each pcs; 18g each boxSet contents: 5pcs of crankbaitsDiving depth: 0 to 2 meters. A sharp treble hook, a crank lure that moves vividly underwater and has great appeal for big fish.With steel balls:...
$13.99 $11.50
HERCULES Metal Fishing Lures 7g - 100g Luminous Metal Lures Pack of 5pcs
Size: Metal bait 7g-100g, 5 pcs/different colors; Material: Lead alloy; High usage rate: This lure adopts realistic 3D eyes and laser coating. The abdomen is made of ultra-high-brightness luminous powder, which is high-brightness, durable and reusable. High flying distance: Although...
from $35.49
HERCULES Multi Jointed Swimbaits Fishing Lures Slow Sinking Bionic Lures
8 Segment Lifelike Lures: Designed with 8 segments multi-jointed body, this fishing lure kit can sink slowly and moves flexibly in the water. Besides, life-like swimming actions make it attracting more catches and provoking predator fish to strike. SHARP TREBLE...
$10.84 from $8.99
HERCULES Popper Fishing Lure 3D Eyes Wobbler Artificial Hard Bait 6PCS
Length: 6.5cm Weight: 11g-12g Hooks size: #6 Type: Popper Dive depth: Topwater Quantity: 6 pcs/pack They create life-like swimming actions in water Smooth and rapid diving action Bright colors with a salt smell attract big fish Easy to use due...
$19.66 $14.99
HERCULES Mini Crank Baits 4.5cm 3.5g 5pcs with PP Box
Material: ABS plasticHook Size: #8Length: 4.5 cmWeight: 3.5 gSet contents: Mixed color × 5 pieces [Sinking water] Diving depth: 0~1 meter. A sharpened hook, with bright action underwater, is a charming crankbait for big fish.[With steel balls] The steel balls...
$16.63 $12.99
HERCULES Multi Jointed Swimbaits Fishing Lures 6-Jointed Baits - #1
Material: ABS plastic Hook size: #8 #6 Length: 7cm(2.76 inches); 10cm(3.94 inches) Weight: 8.5g/pcs; 16.5g/pcs; 19.5g/pcs Set contents: Joint bait × 3, box × 1; Joint bait × 5, box × 1 Using a multi-joint design, the 14cm lure can...
from $13.99
HERCULES Minnow Lure Hard Baits Fishing Lure Baits YH09
       Size: 6cm(2.36") 2.5g(0.1oz) one pcs       Size: 11cm(4.33") 13g(0.46oz) one pcs Made of high-quality ABS material, it is strong and sturdy. The built-in beads continuously make sounds during the fishing process, attracting the attention of fish,...
from $13.99
HERCULES Metal Lure Bait Fluorescent Lure S-shaped Slim Lure Pack of 5
Size: 80g, 100g, 120g, 150g, 200g; Material: Lead alloy; High usage rate: This S-shaped bait hook is designed with realistic 3D eyes and laser coating. The abdomen is made of ultra-high-brightness luminous powder, which is high-brightness, durable and reusable. High...
from $32.99
HERCULES Metal Bait Fishing Lure Hard Bait ON SALE
Rich styles and many types; each style is out of print! Limited stock, while supplies last! The more you buy, the bigger the discount! (Contact customer to get the discount) Please note the style according to the letters in the...
from $9.99
HERCULES 5.5inches Simulation Squid Baits Topwater Fishing Lure
Size: 14cm 40g(5.5" 1.41oz)Hook Size: 1/0#Each bait is packaged individually to avoid entanglement. FeaturesTRANSPARENT BIG LIP - It's hard and thick, not easy to break. The bait sways in the water, and the swimming posture is realistic.SHARP TRABLE HOOKS -...
from $23.99
HERCULES 3.94in Jerkbait Sinking Fishing Lure Pike Lure
Size: 3.94" 1.59oz(10cm 45g) for each one Features:3D NATURE EYES - 3Dlifelike eyes, make the lure as alive.COLORFUL PAINTING - Simulate the color of real fish, closer to bait fish, to attract the attack of big fish.BUILT-IN STEEL BALLS -...
from $18.90
HERCULES 4" Crankbait Shallow Diving Fishing Lures
Size: 4" 0.49oz for each one Features:REALISTIC DESIGN - The HERCULES Crankbait features a lifelike fish pattern with 3D eyes and bright color patterns, making it highly attractive to predator fish.SHALLOW DIVING DEPTH - Specifically designed for shallow water fishing,...
from $16.99
HERCULES 5" Big Mouth Popper Bait Topwater Fishing Lure - Pack of 9 - All colors
Size: 13cm/43g(5.12"/1.52oz)Hook Size: 1/0#Each bait is packaged individually to avoid entanglement. Features:CONCAVE BIG MOUTH - The big concave mouth creates a big splash on the water surface when the line is reeled in.BUILT-IN STEEL BALLS - Built-in steel balls make...
from $11.99
HERCULES Spinner Bait Jig with 4 Willow Leaf Sequins Fishing Lure
Size: 13cm/22.6g(5.12"/0.8oz)Package: Each one is packaged individually and 5 colors in a bag. Features: 360° ROTATING GOLDEN SEQUINS - 4 pcs of golden willow leaf metal sequins connect by fishing swivel, when it swims, the sequins rotate and become reflected,...
HERCULES Multicolor Weedless Rubber Jig Bass Fishing Lure
Size: 7cm/10g(2.75"/0.34oz) for each onePackage: Each jig is individually packaged, with 8 colors on a pack. Features:WEED GUAD DESIGN - Protect the jig so it can swim smoothly in bushes or grass piles.HAND-TIED SKIRT - The colorful skirt silk is...
$18.37 $16.99
HERCULES Soft Frog Baits Weedless Single Hook with Rotating Metal Sequin Fishing Lure
Size: 4.49"/0.23oz for each onePackage: Each bait is packaged individually with an OPP bag to avoid sticking and entanglement Features:ROTATING METAL SEQUIN - When the bait moves in the water, the sequins rotate 360°, making some noise. At the same...
HERCULES Topwater Pencil Fishing Lure with Rotating Tail
SIZE - Small: 11cm/13g(4.33"/0.46oz) | Medium: 11cm/17g(4.33"/0.60oz) | Large: 14cm/36g(5.51"/1.27oz) *PACK - Random 5 colors or note the color you want.* 3D EYES - The HERCULES Topwater Pencil Fishing Lure has realistic 3D eyes that add a lifelike appearance, making...
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