HERCULES Multi-jointed Hard Lure Crayfish Swimbait Fishing Lure – HERCULES Fishing

HERCULES Multi-jointed Hard Lure Crayfish Swimbait Fishing Lure

  • Size: Small: 6.3cm 4.5g(2.48" 0.16oz); Medium: 8cm 12g(3.15" 0.42oz); Large: 10cm 21g(3.94" 0.74oz)
  • 3D simulated crayfish: 3D realistic crayfish body design and exquisite painting process make the bait reflect well in the water, attacking the target fish's desire to attack—multi-section design, combined with fiber cloth connection, more flexible swimming posture. The L-shaped tail can sink steadily to reduce bottom hanging.
  • Double loops design: fishing at the front hole, swimming posture coquettish and uniform speed reeling, the bait makes a stable swimming posture of flipping in the water. Fishing at the rear hole, gently pull the rod tip, and the bait makes up and down jumping movements underwater, which can induce fish to attack.
  • Forward center of gravity: The center of gravity is at the head, making casting more stable. Streamlined bait body design ensures wind-breaking performance during casting. When the rod tip is pulled, the body and tail jump up and down greatly to attract the fish's attention.
  • Black nickel treble hook: Adopting black nickel 6066 triple reinforced treble hook, lightweight unique hardness design, elegant swimming posture while ensuring the strength of the hook body, reducing unhooking.
    High-quality material: ABS material, hard bait design, unlike soft bait, it will stick together. The usage time can be longer.
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