HERCULES Fly Fishing Tippet Pack of 3 with Fly Tippet holder 55 Yards

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Fluorocarbon is the best tippet material when fishing saltwater. Use fluorocarbon fly fishing tippet if you want your tippet to sink as it sinks better and is harder to see in the water, e.g., for nymphing or casting streamers, and it sinks better than nylon. Use nylon for dries, and it floats better.

No wonder steelhead and salmon anglers who fish under some of the most challenging conditions choose HERCULES fly fishing line tippet.

fly fishing line tippet

You can feel the truth!

The HERCULES fly fishing leader and tippet are developed for fishing applications where knot strength, abrasion resistance, and toughness are paramount. Ideal for all species, such as steelhead tippet, salmon, trout fly, and bass fly fishing, you can be assured of great casting and light landings by tying this off flex flyer leader or main flyfishing line to the dropper.

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