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HERCULES Crankbait Shallow Crank Lure

$20.99 $16.99

Material: ABS plastic
Hook: #6 seaweed hook
Length: 6cm
Weight: 14.5g;
Set contents: Crankbait × 5 pieces.

[Sinking] Diving depth: 1~2 meters. The distinctive twitch hook and bright action underwater make it an attractive crankbait for big fish.
[With steel balls] The steel balls inside each crankbait continuously make the real sound of attracting bass, promoting the attack of the lure bait.
[Realistic Appearance] The swim bait with realistic 3D fish eyes and glossy scales made of ABS material cleverly reproduces the color and pattern of real fish, and the appearance looks as lifelike as a real small fish. Fish have also been caught, and the fishing results have risen.
[Applicable fish] Trout, Spanish mackerel, cherry trout, rockfish, catfish, golden eagle, eagle clawfish, squid, brown rockfish, mountain trout, mackerel, mackerel.

HERCULES Crankbait Shallow Crank Lure
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