HERCULES 7" Multi-jointed Fishing Lure for Bassfishing – HERCULES Fishing

HERCULES 7" Multi-jointed Fishing Lure for Bassfishing

  • Size: 7.08" 2.18oz for each one
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION - Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, this lure targets a wide range of fish species, providing versatility and convenience for anglers seeking different fishing experiences.
  • OPTIMIZED SINKING RATE - Engineered to sink optimally, this lure reaches desired depths quickly, enhancing its ability to lure fish into deeper waters and increasing catch potential.
  • SHARP TREBLE HOOKS - Equipped with sharp, durable hooks, the lure ensures a secure and strong hold on the fish, reducing the chances of losing a catch and improving overall fishing success.
  • STREAMLINED DESIGN - Reduces air resistance and can be thrown farther.
  • METAL CONNECTIN - Use metal to connect the joints, which is stronger and less likely to break.
  • STEEL BALL INSIDE - Steel balls inside can add weight for long-distance casting and make some noise to attract fish to attack.
  • SOFT TAIL - The use of a soft tail makes the bait more vivid and lifelike as it swims.
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