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Fly Tying Material Set Feather and Dubbing Starter Kit

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  • Suitable for DIY flies: Dry Fly, Wet Fly, Streamer, Nymph, Wooly Buggers, and so on.
  • All feathers have been sterilized, disinfected, deodorized, and dried, so please feel free to use them.
  • Lots of the most popular tying materials in feathers and dubbings
  • Thread: Strong and fine threads in different colors for securing materials and creating a durable fly.
  • Feathers: Including hackles, wings, and tails, feathers add lifelike movement and appearance.
  • Dubbing: Fine fur or synthetic fibers are used to create the body of the fly, adding texture and color.
  • Flash Materials: Such as tinsel or flashabou, for adding reflective and attractive elements.
  • Synthetic Materials: Chenille for creating a Nymph body.
  • Natural Materials: Peacock herl, deer hair, and other natural materials offer traditional and realistic options.

       Packages: 16 styles, 28 bags
  1. Chenille: 1 bag, 3 colors, 1pcs/color, Black, Olive, Yellow
  2. Chicken Feather: 1 bag, 3g/bag, Natural color
  3. Crystal Flash: 2 bags, 2 colors, Pearl White, Pearl Rainbow
  4. Synthetic Ice Dubbing: 3 bags, 3 colors, 3g/bag, White, Red, Olive
  5. Synthetic Rabbit Hair Dubbing: 4 bags, 4 colors, 3g/bag, Green, Brown, Fluo Yellow, Grey
  6. Thread: 2 colors, 1 spool/color, White, Black
  7. Golden Rooster Tippet: 1 bag, 25pcs/bag, Natural color
  8. Multicolor Goose Boits: 1 bag, 4 colors, 3pcs/color, Yellow, Red, Green, Black
  9. Multicolor Pearl Feather: 1 bag, 30pcs/bag
  10. Nymph Skin: 2 bags, 2 colors, 10pcs/bag, White, Orange
  11. Ostrich Feather: 1 bag, 3colors, 1pcs/color, White, Black, Orange
  12. Peacock Hurl: 1 bag, 3g/bag, Natural color
  13. Peacock Swords: 1 bag, 3pcs/bag, Natural color
  14. Pearl Wing Feather: 1 bag, 5pcs/bag, Natural color
  15. Black/White Striped Feather: 1 bag, 20pcs/bag, Natural color
  16. Turkey Marabou Feather: 3 bags, 3colors, 50pcs/bag, Olive, Black, Bright Yellow
Fly Tying Material Set Feather and Dubbing Starter Kit
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