HERCULES Micro Crankbaits Fishing Lures Cute Lures Set Hard Bait 5pcs/box

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Material: ABS plastic
Hook: #12
Length: 2.8cm;
Weight: 1.7g;
Set contents: 5pcs of crankbaits

Diving depth: 0 to 2 meters. A sharp treble hook, a crank lure that moves vividly underwater and has great appeal for big fish.
With steel balls: The steel balls inside each crankbait continue to emit a realistic sound that attracts the bass, prompting an attack on the lure.
Realistic appearance: The swimbait with 3D fisheye and glossy scales made of ABS material skillfully reproduces the color and pattern of the actual fish, and it is lively like a real small fish from the appearance. The target fish will also be deceived and the fishing results will increase.

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