3000M 3281Yds 120lb Multicolor Hercules PE Braided Fishing Line 8 Strands

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  • Won't bury in the spool
  • Small strength-to-diameter ratio
  • Near zero stretch creates a line with extreme sensitivity
  • No reel memory - Easy to cast and handle
  • Round and more compact design increase casting distance
  • Incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength

Hercules Braided Fishing Line offers the fisherman a whole new dimension of fishing, and it is more sensitive enabling better bite detection, zero stretches, making it a lot easier to set hooks, and casting a mile. Furthermore, one of the most impressive things is the tiny line diameter which enables you to pack more lines onto your reel but still have the heavier breaking strain.

Simply put, Hercules takes you where the fishes are and makes sure you bring them home!


Lb.Test Kg Dia.mm Dia.inch
120 54.5 0.58 0.0228

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